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Feedback in the Gym

Optimum management of member loyalty and recommendation rates



If a feed­back project is to be suc­cess­ful and sus­tain­able, the feed­back process must be defined and imple­ment­ed very pre­cise­ly. Clear project respon­si­bil­i­ties, appro­pri­ate ques­tion­naires and a pre­cise choice of loca­tion are just some of the com­po­nents involved in defin­ing an on-site feed­back process. A fur­ther option is to invite mem­bers to give feed­back after con­tact at the till or after a con­sul­ta­tion.


Closed Loop

The closed loop con­cept gives our cus­tomers guide­lines as to how they can work active­ly with the feed­back data col­lect­ed and com­mu­ni­cate the results back to the tar­get group. In this way feed­back, opti­mi­sa­tion and infor­ma­tion run in a cycle, a closed loop. For Say­Way, closed loop in the gym sec­tor means:

1. Call­Back: If a mem­ber wants a reply to his or her feed­back, this can be entered direct­ly at the ter­mi­nal and an imme­di­ate response is pos­si­ble. Pre-defined employ­ees receive an alert mas­sage togeth­er with the feed­back and the con­tact data so that they can con­tact the mem­ber per­son­al­ly.
2. Feed­back about changes: The main issues that were men­tioned in the feed­back and the mea­sures tak­en are report­ed quar­ter­ly, for exam­ple, in newslet­ter and notice boards.

On-site feedback terminals in gyms

Exploit this digital channel to your customers.

The sys­tem­at­ic use of Say­Way in gyms has a direct impact on their suc­cess. Mem­bers often spend a big chunk of their free time at the gym. Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and pas­sion are extreme­ly high in this con­text. This intrin­sic moti­va­tion of mem­bers and the con­trac­tu­al ties kin­dle a very strong inter­est in mak­ing sure every­thing is per­fect in their gym. Whether it’s the course sched­ule, coach­es, con­di­tion of the equip­ment, clean­li­ness or any oth­er area — if you con­tin­u­ous­ly work to opti­mise con­di­tions and relate this back to mem­bers, you will be reward­ed with high loy­al­ty among exist­ing mem­bers and a steady flow of new mem­bers thanks to high rec­om­men­da­tion rates.

Say­Way reduces the obsta­cles to giv­ing feed­back to an absolute min­i­mum. Mem­bers can give feed­back on their dai­ly train­ing anony­mous­ly and quick­ly. As mar­ket lead­ers, we have installed Say­Way in over 200 gyms. The vol­ume and qual­i­ty of the feed­back is amaz­ing­ly high and sta­ble over time. Gyms use the Say­Way bench­mark for the Ger­man fit­ness sec­tor as a basic guide­line.


Say­Way helps gym chains and indi­vid­ual gyms to set up a dig­i­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nel at each site so that they can respond to the mem­bers’ require­ments more quick­ly. This is done using a tool­box that we have devel­oped joint­ly with our cus­tomers.

Measure the pulse of member satisfaction

ith our feed­back sys­tem that is quick and easy to set up, you can mea­sure the pulse of mem­ber sat­is­fac­tion right down to the micro-lev­el of the indi­vid­ual gym. At the macro-lev­el, i.e. the head­quar­ters, branch­es can be mon­i­tored and opti­mised eas­i­ly. We have devel­oped an opti­mum basic feed­back sys­tem for the gym sec­tor where mem­bers can give their feed­back in pass­ing after a work-out. This cap­tures the mood of the mem­bers and sup­plies accu­rate infor­ma­tion in the event of prob­lems so that you know exact­ly where improve­ments are need­ed.


SayWay as a marketing instrument

Pri­mar­i­ly Say­Way “only” col­lects rat­ings. But the sys­tem can do much more than that. A feed­back chan­nel that is con­tin­u­ous­ly open sends out a sig­nal to the mem­bers that they are respect­ed. If mem­bers give feed­back as they are leav­ing the gym, it’s a kind of emo­tion­al check-out. The sys­tems can also be used as an infor­ma­tion board. A lot of cus­tomers use the last page of the sur­vey for adver­tise­ments, for exam­ple, to adver­tise spe­cial offers for mem­bers.
aufmerk­sam zu machen.

Feedback as a fitness instrument

special features for the context gym

The fitness driver analysis

Basi­cal­ly, any con­ceiv­able type of ques­tion­naire can be imple­ment­ed using the Say­Way feed­back soft­ware. In gyms, how­ev­er, SayWay’s spe­cial gym dri­ver analy­sis has estab­lished itself as the stan­dard. In this case, only dis­sat­is­fied mem­bers are for­ward­ed to a sec­ond page where they are asked about the caus­es of their dis­sat­is­fac­tion. The sat­is­fied mem­bers are only giv­en one addi­tion­al open ques­tion where they can express their praise and sug­ges­tions. In this way, hap­py mem­bers are not both­ered unnec­es­sar­i­ly and dis­sat­is­fied mem­bers can air their griev­ances sim­ply

Individual reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse of your members, centrally and locally

Every sin­gle gym or chain needs dif­fer­ent infor­ma­tion. The Say­Way Report­ing Say­Way report­ing tool takes these indi­vid­ual require­ments into account through cus­tomised solu­tions for each com­pa­ny. Dif­fer­ent struc­tures (e.g. fran­chis­es) require spe­cial dash­boards. The roles and rights sys­tems must be devel­oped dif­fer­ent­ly depend­ing on the hier­ar­chi­cal lev­els.

The design of PDF reports which are sent auto­mat­i­cal­ly to select­ed man­agers or gym man­agers must also be based on indi­vid­ual frame­work con­di­tions. The Say­Way retail team will be pleased to help you to design your own indi­vid­ual online report­ing tool.

Special features relevant to the gym sector

On-site feedback terminals in gyms

Basic feedback

In the gym sec­tor, a basic feed­back sys­tem with sat­is­fac­tion dri­vers is gen­er­al­ly installed that runs con­tin­u­ous­ly and records the rel­e­vant para­me­ters in the gym quick­ly. Say­Way deliv­ers a reli­able sat­is­fac­tion graph togeth­er with the rea­sons for the dis­sat­is­fac­tion in an action­able form that gives each gym a basis for fast deci­sions.

Special surveys/campaigns employee feedback

The com­plete infra­struc­ture of the feed­back devices can be oper­at­ed quick­ly and eas­i­ly by remote con­trol. Either one or all gyms in a chain can launch spe­cial sur­veys or cam­paigns for a lim­it­ed peri­od. Exam­ples that have proven effec­tive in prac­tice:

- Col­lect­ing cus­tomer address­es

- Mem­bers recruit new mem­bers

- Elect/vote for a Coach of the Year

- Feed­back on new equip­ment or alter­ations

employee feedback

Feed­back ter­mi­nals can also be used for employ­ee sur­veys at select­ed inter­vals. Mem­ber and employ­ee sat­is­fac­tion are close­ly linked and can be sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly analysed using Say­Way.

Your advantages at a glance:

- Know the mood in all your gyms all the time

- Focus on the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence

- High and per­ma­nent par­tic­i­pa­tion rates

- Vol­un­tary and anony­mous

- Com­pa­ra­ble rat­ings from 200 gyms in Ger­many, Aus­tria and Switzer­land

- Long-term and sys­tem­at­ic opti­mi­sa­tion of gyms

- Qual­i­ty con­trol of the suc­cess of mea­sures imple­ment­ed

- Bind your reg­u­lar mem­bers

- Acquire new mem­bers through rec­om­men­da­tion

- Flex­i­ble use for oth­er types of feed­back and cam­paigns

- Helps service/support