Gender correctness

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At this point a word in matters of gender correctness


All employees as well as the members of SayWay’s management are convinced that we will only bring about social change with the help and power of all genders. We need the feminine as well as the masculine and the diverse to achieve real transformation. We need as much diversity as possible anyway to get new perspectives on complex tasks.

That’s why we at SayWay are especially happy about all visitors to our website, even if we don’t mention and address them separately everywhere in the text. For the sake of readability, we have consciously decided to use the generic masculine in the text of the site. When visiting a homepage, it is a matter of quick comprehension in a fraction of a second and for this a separate notation could be rather a hindrance.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that we encourage and are happy to hire women and people who do not fit into the binary system of social gender in any position in our company. This also reflects our current corporate structure. As a matter of principle, we advertise positions explicitly “male/female/diverse”.