Digital surveys in healthcare

More patient feedback in less time

Paper-based quality management is time-consuming, tedious and therefore expensive. With SayWay med, healthcare organizations conduct all surveys digitally and simply make patients, employees and management happier.

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With the complete solution of SayWay med

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Reduced costs and more results

Save cost and time through digitalization​


User friendly with one touch

Increase response rates and usability

Independently of IT department

We find solutions for every budget

The challenge

A lot of work, little output?

Conducting paper-based quality management surveys is not for the faint of heart. The enormous effort for all involved bears a poor relation to the results and the resulting changes.

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Enormous acquisition effort

    The organizational effort to interview patients is huge.

Time consuming evaluation

    Days, weeks, months? Their evaluation becomes the bottleneck of decision-making processes.

Poor recognition

    Surveys are more often a chore than a pleasure – and accordingly unpopular with colleagues and superiors.

Slow management effect

    Important findings and potential for improvement do not reach management quickly enough.

Healthcare survey specialist for 10 years

Market leader for digital quality management

Experience with public, church and private sponsors

Experienced team of social scientists, medical experts, market researchers and programmers

Hardware, software, service and consulting from a single source

GDPR-compliant data storage

Your companion in the digital world

Desire for progress, instead of frustration due to manual processes

We know the challenges of digitalization in healthcare. For this reason, SayWay med is committed to future-oriented quality management together with you.​

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Step by step

The plan to digitize your quality management

To better results in less time. With SayWay Med, you discover weak points in real time while maintaining focus on what’s important: Your patients.

Step 1

Actual analysis with med survey experts

Step 2

Individual conception of your pilot project

Step 3

Presentation project plan and references

Step 4

Implementation of pilot project and roll-out

Step 5

Ongoing support and reporting

Win-Win Experiences with SayWay Med

Digital surveys enable continuous improvements in the everyday lives of your patients and employees. At the same time, we create added value for your entire company.


Facts instead of assumptions

You get real customer feedback and therefore robust data that you can use to make informed decisions for your business.


Made in Germany

From data protection to product quality to professional support: SayWay’s standards are high, everywhere.


Better patient experience

You have an eye on possible undesirable developments and can take prompt countermeasures to safeguard your quality standards.


Easy handling thanks to Plug & Play

We don’t expect you to do our job. That’s why the SayWay med feedback system is ready to use in just a few simple steps.


Show appreciation

A feedback system also means lived patient proximity: Because you are interested in the opinion and satisfaction of your patients.


SERVICE we write in capital letters

You get real patient feedback and therefore robust data that you can use to make informed decisions for your business.

Celebrating success together 

Here’s what happy healthcare companies have to say

We want to increase customer satisfaction. Our own customers are no exception. Their success is not only a central factor in our work, but also our daily aspiration and drive.

Product diversity made in Germany

Fast patient feedback at any place at any time

Feedback terminals need to be where patients use them – on the wall, on the floor, on the table or as a mobile device in the hand. Includes autostart function, WLAN and SIM connectivity, and SafeBox shipping.

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Industry experience and high standards for your success

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Industry experience and high standards for your success

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