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We focus on your needs

Flexible solutions & smart tools

Your company has its own focus, business goals and KPIs. So for us it’s important to understand you and tailor the SayWay system and the questionnaires used exactly to your needs. Also benefit from our proven tools and features.

Our questionnaires

Nothing is impossible. That is our maxim when creating questionnaires. We draw on over 20 years of online and digital research for the custom design of your questionnaires and adapt the system to your wishes and corporate identity.

Countless application possibilities

A variety of question types, filter options and question rotations get the most out of your questions. Together we will find the optimum digital format for your POS/POI for customer feedback, market research, employee surveys or marketing campaigns.

Omni-channel solution

SayWay questionnaires can also be used independently of the hardware. This means you can send surveys via link, e-mail or QR code and have them called up by any device in a custom-fit display. Furthermore, it is also possible to integrate the feedback technology into existing terminals or hardware systems.

Leverage language diversity

The SayWay system can incorporate any language that makes sense for your business. Customers can easily select the desired language using flag icons. We will be happy to organize the method-compliant translation of the questionnaires for you.

Rating matters

The best marketing tool remains the recommendation of your customers, guests, patients or employees. Show their enthusiasm with the SayWay Web Promoter Widget on your webpage. That’s how you make your customer’s feedback visible to everyone.

Software Features

We are continuously working on our system to improve it for you and your customers. Our features make the feedback system even easier to use and control.

The free text function

In addition to predefined questions, SayWay also offers the option of entering free text information. This allows the customer to express praise, criticism, ideas and suggestions in their own words. The text analysis tool cleans, evaluates and categorizes the comments entirely automatically.

Offline mode

The SayWay systems are designed for a continuous and stable Internet connection. But the feedback data is also stored on the tablet PC offline. Once the system detects a stable connection again, the data is transmitted to the SayWay server. This ensures no data is lost.

Remote control

The terminal’s entire technical infrastructure is remotely controlled by SayWay. This makes it possible to import a new questionnaire quickly and easily, even for large organizations. Upgrades and updates can also be controlled from SayWay headquarters. Maintenance and monitoring of your SayWay systems is part of our service.

Our SayWay complete solution

Our SayWay feedback system is more than just hard or software – instead it’s a combination of both. We offer you high-quality devices with functional software and the best service. We aspire to boost your business’s customer focus with the help of technology.

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