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The SayWay Feedback System

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The right solution for your sector

Use our sector-specific and proven tools and experience for optimum results. Whether customers, guests, visitors, patients or members, needs can be assessed precisely and quickly. SayWay offers you the right solution for your business. Get to know your customers better and make your business more successful with new insights.

SayWay in elderly care

In nursing or senior care facilities, we give your patients a voice and give you valuable feedback.

SayWay in the auto trade

From sounding out the client and the sales pitch to the sale and services, we cover your value chain.

SayWay in retail

Want to improve your store or retail chain? With us you tap into the important impulses from your customers.

SayWay at the gym

Patient well-being is important and pivotal. Gain new insights through the proper and ongoing use of surveys.

SayWay in hospitality

Customers eat, pay and leave. But what was their hospitality experience like? Find out with our sector-specific solutions.

SayWay at the hospital

Patient well-being is important and pivotal. Gain new insights through the proper and ongoing use of surveys.

SayWay in HR

Satisfied employees are good employees and save the company time and money. Get to know the needs of your employees better.

SayWay at the museum

Your visitors should have a special experience. Make this happen by identifying needs for action and taking the right measures.

Boost your business and increase your sales:

through a state-of-the-art feedback system

Because the more you know about your customers, the better you can meet their expectations. And satisfied customers are not just loyal customers, they also recommend your company to others.



SayWay collects customer satisfaction data in real time. For you, this means transparency. For your customers, it signals your appreciation and interest.

Quality management

Our real-time reporting via the digital dashboard flags up undesirable developments early on, but also lets you know when things are going well.


Use your SayWay terminal for marketing: promote products and direct marketing campaigns and use the submitted reviews for your search engine marketing.

Customer loyalty and referrals

By responding swiftly to requests, suggestions and criticism you stay close to your customers. Something customers really notice: boosting loyalty and referral rates long term.

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