Flexible option for special hygiene 
in corona times

Benefit from our broad experience in the medical industry

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Anti-germ protection with one application for at least 12 months

WIPE BactoAttaQ® antimicrobial wipes

Your safe protection against viruses! Apply only once on the surface and you get 12 months of certified protection. One wipe is enough for up to 10 displays – very easy handling.


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Double benefit for Point of Sale

SANITIZE disinfection module 

Convenient for the customer and at the same time a driver to promote feedback delivery. Our new holder can be easily attached to the terminal and touch products. Flexible adatable and inviting.


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Easy clean

Our INFO SHEET on hygiene and cleaning

To keep the terminals inviting and customers happy to give their feedback, clean them professionally and regularly. Detailed introdusction can be found in our document.


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