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Professional CX management with SayWay

The concrete experience with a company is becoming more important than the increasingly similar products. Customers need to be delighted. Especially at the point-of-sale, a positive customer experience should be created with high personnel input and high investments.

Your advantages

  • SayWay delivers a complete solution that measures the customer experience on-site at any location and online.
  • Customer feedback is transferred in real time to the management platform and reporting.
  • The system sends alerts to the appropriate staff for particularly negative customer experiences.
  • Customer feedback can be transferred to a CX ticketing system so that customers can be contacted personally and problems sorted out.
  • For CX management, measures to improve the customer experience can be documented and tracked in the platform.

Customer focus

SayWay offers more than a means to merely retrieving customer feedback. With our software, we create a special customer experience. You get to know your customers quickly and in a structured way and can react immediately to their wishes.

Customer Experience Management with CX Management


Real-time reporting

Set up customized reporting and dashboards and respond quickly to the customer feedback gathered.

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Alert system

When certain predefined events occur, the alert system reacts and sends a message to the relevant member of staff, who can immediately respond to the customer concern.

Action Planner

Plan measures to increase customer satisfaction based on feedback results. Then document and gauge the effectiveness of your measures.

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Ticket Tool

The Ticket Tool collects customer inquiries, requests and criticism for you in a central location and lets you respond quickly and systematically.

Automatic text analysis

This software is an effective tool, especially when dealing with large amounts of data. It categorizes the customer concerns and ranks them according to positive and negative feedback to make them actionable quickly.


Publish your customers’ reviews transparently on your website or social media to attract attention from potential new customers.

Our SayWay CX complete solution

Our SayWay feedback system is more than just hard or software – instead it’s a combination of both. We offer you high-quality devices with functional software and the best service. We aspire to boost your business’s customer focus with the help of technology.

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