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The direct line to your customers


On-site feedback in real time

The SayWay system solicits feedback from your customers quickly and hassle-free at the moment they have an experience they wish to share.

Quickly join the dots

Individual reporting enables you to keep a constant eye on the important and success-critical aspects of your business.

Cut red tape

Paper questionnaires have to be filled out and evaluated. The SayWay digital system saves personnel costs and simplifies surveys of your customers.

The right tools make you even faster


Feedback at the right place

With our alert system, you ensure that customer feedback reaches the right place. The customer uses SayWay and the relevant member of staff is informed immediately.

Respond quickly to criticism

Comments made by the customer can also trigger an alert. This allows you to respond to the customer while they are still within your organization.

Establish contact with the customer

If the customer wants direct contact, the SayWay system transmits the request to a ticket system. Meaning no suggestion is lost.

Optimized for over 20 sectors:

Digital customer surveys from SayWay

We know that every industry has its own needs and objectives. Which is why we listen, discuss your specific needs, and then tailor our product accordingly.

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