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Motivated and satisfied employees are productive employees

Get to know your staff and their needs

For company management, surveys and feedback processes are important tools for obtaining information about the professional and emotional satisfaction of employees and devising appropriate measures.

Employee survey as a success factor

Motivated employees save money and nerves. But only those who know their staff and their needs can introduce the right measures for more satisfaction.

Loyal employees stay with you. Lower staff turnover means lower costs in recruitment, training and know-how retention.
Intrinsically motivated employees and managers are willing to go the extra mile, be there for your customers and increase sales.
Satisfied employees identify more with your company and develop a vested interest in the success of your business.
A good working environment has a positive impact on the company’s image and attracts new talent and junior staff.

Employee satisfaction is no coincidence

Managing happy employees is about knowing their needs and issues. SayWay creates the opportunity to get to know your staff better and measures their experience in the workplace.

With SayWay you increase staff satisfaction and thus your success


Classic employee survey

SayWay helps you design and digitally implement recurring surveys, including reporting and devising recommendations for action.

Employee survey at the terminal

As an alternative to the online survey, employees have the option of using SayWay feedback systems on-site at the location, complementary to the online survey or as a stand-alone survey tool.

Continuous employee survey

Use SayWay feedback systems as an open channel to gauge sentiment on a daily and continuous basis or conduct short surveys on specific topics.

A multi-layered question system is the path to success

We want precise answers to bring about a positive effect. So for us it’s not just about gauging how satisfied your employees are, but also finding out why. With our questionnaire software we offer you a professional, multi-layered and digital option. Single questions, question rotations, integration of pictures, question filters and more all form the basis of professional feedback management.
Here we take into account the specifics of your sector. Our proven surveys and questionnaires from over 20 sectors include those indicators contributing to employee satisfaction within your industry.

What are the reasons for dissatisfaction? What is key for employee retention? Which issues are pivotal? Together we find out.

Easily use data analytics with our SayWay Customer Experience Management Platform

Get real-time reporting based on current employee feedback and respond quickly and effectively.
Answer specific inquiries from individual employees systematically and directly via the integrated Ticket Tool.
Set alerts to send critical feedback immediately to responsible departments and supervisors.
Use our automatic text analysis allowing you to capture even large amounts of data.
Use the Action Planner to devise adequate actions from employee feedback and then measure success.
Make your employee reviews transparent on your website or social media presence with our widget.

Keep an overview and secure information flow with individualized dashboards and pdf-reports.

Leverage employee feedback efficiently with the closed loop process







Benefit from the cooperation with SayWay


Save personnel costs

Understand your staff better and promote loyalty and stability. Low turnover means less effort.

Improve your image

Everyone wants to work for a company that takes staff needs seriously. Make yourself attractive to the job market.

Identify problems

When the mood tips, the working environment can suffer badly. Use SayWay as an early warning system to detect volatility in the company.

Ask targeted questions

Define your goals and ask the questions that will move your business forward at the frequency that makes sense to you.

Take action

Use the survey results to devise measures and inform your employees about first steps. In turn, you can gauge the impact through the feedback system.

Make SayWay your SayWay

Communicate with your employees in your own way: We adapt text, questions and designs to your requirements and the CI of your company.

Take advantage of our know-how

Our extensive examples and templates help you to ask the right questions. Even multilingual surveys are possible and present no problem.

Take advantage of our support

Each device is professionally monitored, maintained, and can be remotely updated with new content.

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