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The feedback system for your retail operation

Use feedback to optimize your business.

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The feedback system for your retail operation

Use the digital and tablet-based route to your customer

Whether you’re in retail or a large chain store, you want your customers to be satisfied when they leave your premises. Ask targeted questions that really interest you. Customer feedback stays in your hands. Customized reporting and dashboards help you draw the right conclusions.

Possible applications

Use the SayWay floor stand system and continuously check success-critical parameters. What aspects are important to your customers, where is there room for improvement? Customers give their feedback during the decision-making process or immediately afterwards. The rating remains invisible for other customers and gives you the chance to evaluate the feedback to increase customer satisfaction.

Before you make major changes in your store or throughout the chain, it makes sense to get your customers’ opinions. Use the SayWay feedback system as a survey tool. What does the customer think about conversions, advertising measures, special promotions or new concepts? Find out with your targeted and project-related questions.

Once you have integrated the SayWay system into your operations, it is easy to use the infrastructure for your partners and suppliers as well. Short surveys designed according to your partner’s needs provide quick insights into promotions or product launches.

Good staff are of prime importance in retail and generate the highest costs. Only good staff can produce satisfied customers and make a contribution to the overall bottom line. Good staff are satisfied staff. Use our SayWay feedback system for recurring staff surveys. Quickly identify problems in the working environment or grievances in individual departments and respond to the needs of your employees.

Feedback under control

Customer satisfaction is not a given. SayWay gives dissatisfied customers the opportunity to offload their frustration in a protected environment instead of spreading their opinion freely on the Internet. This allows you to act with confidence and without external pressure.

What SayWay can do for your retail business


Gauge customer satisfaction

Whether you’re a small store or a chain, get accurate, real-time customer feedback every day. Reporting and alerts ensure that every piece of feedback is received.

Get in touch with customers

Respond to specific inquiries from individual customers systematically and directly via the integrated Ticket Tool, which forwards the inquiries to the responsible department.

Devise measures

Use the SayWay Action Planner to devise tailored actions from customer feedback and measure success against defined KPIs.

Effective marketing tool

Surveys give your customers the sense they can actively shape and be part of your enterprise. Leverage this valuable feedback and incorporate it to attract attention on your website and social media channel using our widget.

Closed loop process

At your side we help you to process and leverage the feedback to then communicate the results to your target group.

Full flexibility

Your retail business is unique, just like your customers. That’s why custom solutions are part and parcel of our philosophy at SayWay. Together, we adapt questions and feedback evaluations to your needs. Here we draw on proven questions about quality, service and ambiance.

Create feedback questionnaires according to your needs.

Customized questionnaires and SayWay feedback software provide accurate feedback to your most pressing questions.
Use our industry-specific and proven tools and experience for optimum results.
Use our industry-specific and proven tools and experience for optimum results.

Receive customized reporting

We offer custom solutions for your information needs and operational processes.
Technical setup of alert systems and dashboards quickly bring feedback to the responsible departments.
Automated PDF reports provide continuous feedback and transparent information sharing.

Use industry standards

The SayWay driver analysis is now considered a standard tool in retail. Here, only dissatisfied customers are asked about what drives their dissatisfaction in order to quickly identify areas for action.
More and more retail companies are turning to the U.S. Net Promoter Score (NPS), a feedback concept that measures loyalty, satisfaction and likelihood of referral.

Boost your business and increase your sales:

through a state-of-the-art feedback system

Because the more you know about your customers, the better you can meet their expectations. And satisfied customers are not just loyal customers, they also recommend your company to others.



SayWay collects customer satisfaction data in real time. For you, this means transparency. For your customers, it signals your appreciation and interest.

Quality management

Our real-time reporting via the digital dashboard flags up undesirable developments early on, but also lets you know when things are going well.


Use your SayWay terminal for marketing: promote products and direct marketing campaigns and use the submitted reviews for your search engine marketing.

Customer loyalty and referrals

By responding swiftly to requests, suggestions and criticism you stay close to your customers. Something customers really notice: boosting loyalty and referral rates long term.

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