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Hear, understand and manage the voice of the customer

The Customer Experience Platform

Survey results are only as good as the resulting measures. For a swift and targeted response to customer feedback, we provide you with customized reporting and smart tools. We are by your side throughout the entire optimization process.

Customized reporting

At SayWay finding the custom-fit solution for you is what we do. This means adapting to the conditions and requirements of your industry, understanding you and your issues, and preparing the data in such a way that you can optimize the success of your business.

Real-time data

The feedback and ratings of your customers converge in real time on the central online management platform where they are clearly compiled. The data sets are evaluated entirely automatically and can be viewed by you using any Internet-enabled device.

Flexible dashboards

Each reporting dashboard can be configured individually in line with your wishes and requirements. With our experience and your goals, we create analysis tools that give you a clear picture of how your products and services are rated and accepted by customers.


Already have existing feedback processes and reporting tools? We offer interfaces to feed the data into your system as required or to link customer feedback holistically and systematically with your CRM system.

Roles and user control

Depending on the size and complexity of your company, different permissions for employees and managers can make sense. For instance, it is possible for branch managers to access the results of their location, but not those of another site. You determine precisely who gets to see what data.

Automated PDFs and raw data

Keeping an eye on reporting and devising measures can be time-consuming. For this reason, we have developed a standard report that can be flexibly designed and emailed to each operative at intervals defined by them (daily, weekly, etc.). It is also possible to export the raw data as a CSV file.

Customer focus

SayWay offers more than a means to merely retrieving customer feedback. With our software, we create a special customer experience. You get to know your customers quickly and in a structured way and can react immediately to their wishes.

Customer Experience Management


Real-time reporting

Set up customized reporting and dashboards and respond quickly to the customer feedback gathered.

Alert system

When certain predefined events occur, the alert system reacts and sends a message to the relevant member of staff, who can immediately respond to the customer concern.

Action Planner

Plan measures to increase customer satisfaction based on feedback results. Then document and gauge the effectiveness of your measures.

Ticket Tool

The Ticket Tool collects customer inquiries, requests and criticism for you in a central location and lets you respond quickly and systematically.

Automatic text analysis

This software is an effective tool, especially when dealing with large amounts of data. It categorizes the customer concerns and ranks them according to positive and negative feedback to make them actionable quickly.


Publish your customers’ reviews transparently on your website or social media to attract attention from potential new customers.

Our SayWay complete solution

Our SayWay feedback system is more than just hard or software – instead it’s a combination of both. We offer you high-quality devices with functional software and the best service. We aspire to boost your business’s customer focus with the help of technology.

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