Digital surveys

Paper surveys are time-consuming and expensive. With digital surveys, you not only save time and money, but also increase the response rate, whether for patient surveys, surveys of relatives or parents, referrers, emergency services or staff surveys.


Get more feedback and save time and money


Show your appreciation to patients


No intervention in the IT infrastructure necessary

Digital patient surveys

30% time savings and simply more results with digital patient surveys

Paper-based quality management is time-consuming, tedious and therefore expensive. With SayWay med, healthcare organizations conduct all surveys digitally and simply make patients, employees and management more satisfied. Measure patient satisfaction in real time digitally on-site whether in the clinic, rehab, nursing area or practice.

  • Save up to 30% time
  • More feedback and results
  • Immediate data evaluation
  • Signal appreciation to patients and staff
  • Keep complaints in-house not on social media
Patientenzufriedenheit SayWay med

Digital family and child surveys

Show appreciation for the opinions of family members, parents and children

Family, parents or children are often more critical than the patient himself. With the digital family or parent or child survey, you receive feedback per target group and can thus address the concerns individually.

  • Appreciation of family members, parents and children
  • Real-time digital grievance box – don’t keep complaints in-house on social media
  • More feedback in less time
  • Up to 30% time savings

Digital referral surveys

Want more patients for your hospital?

What do referring and referring physicians think of your quality in the hospital? Why does the ambulance service bring patients to your hospital?
Determine the satisfaction of referring physicians and referrers within a few minutes and analyze the potential for improvement for your hospital. You will receive valuable recommendations for action.

  • Appreciation of referring physicians and referrers
  • Valuable recommendations for action and potential for improvement
  • More patients referred by emergency services
Digitale Mitabrbeiterbefragung | Sayway med

Digital employee surveys

Motivated employees save money and nerves

When tempers flare, the working atmosphere in healthcare can suffer badly. Use SayWay med as an early warning system to detect fluctuations in your clinic, practice, rehab or facility.

  • Loyal employees stay with you
  • Lower fluctuation means lower costs in recruiting, training and securing know-how
  • A good working atmosphere has a positive effect on the hospital image
  • Intrinsically motivated employees are willing to go the extra mile

Digital resident surveys

Satisfied residents recommend your facility to others

Happy residents are the best promoters

How satisfied are your residents with your care facility? Do seniors feel well cared for at your facility?
Determine resident satisfaction in just a few minutes and analyze the potential for improvement in your care. You will receive valuable recommendations for action.

  • Appreciation of residents and their relatives
  • Valuable recommendations for action and potential for improvement
  • High recommendation rate through satisfied residents
Bewohnerzufriedenheit Pflege

Digital customer surveys

Satisfied customers are more loyal and increase your sales

Were advice and service to the fullest satisfaction in your pharmacy? How satisfied are the customers of your medical supply store with your range of products and services? Measure customer satisfaction digitally on site in real time.

  • Satisfied customers are profitable customers
  • Understand the needs of your customers
  • Derive and implement measures quickly and easily
  • Satisfied, loyal and returning customers secure sales and save marketing and service costs

Frequently asked questions/ FAQ on digital surveys

What are the advantages of real-time digital surveys?

So-called paper pencil surveys are time-consuming and expensive. With real-time digital surveys, you save time printing, distributing, collecting, and increase feedback rates by making them easier to use. Plus, you get instant satisfaction results in a dashboard.

Is it necessary to adapt the IT infrastructure in order to implement digital surveys?

In order to implement digital surveys of patients, relatives, referring physicians or employees, the SayWay med solution does not require any intervention in the IT infrastructure. The SayWay med hardware, such as Terminal, Wall, Desk or Sanitze, are permanently connected to the Internet via WLAN or 4G. Data transmission is automatic and immediate – a prerequisite for being able to react promptly to feedback.
SayWay med patient survey systems are operated exclusively in TÜV and ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany. Patient data is AES-256bit encrypted, connections with SayWay med are secured using TLS. The SayWay med offering is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Why digital surveys in quality management?

The opinions of your patients, their relatives and visitors are decisive for the success of your medical facility, whether it is a clinic, hospital, practice, rehab, spa or donation or vaccination center. Survey patients digitally in real time. Save time and money by eliminating paper surveys. Take advantage of the Hospital Future Act KHZG.