What our customers say

Convincing solutions

The satisfaction and success of our customers is the central factor of our work. We work every day with passion for effective feedback solutions.


Prof. Maria Eberlein-Gonska | University clinic Carl Gustav Carus Dresden | Head of the Central Quality and Medical Risk Management Department 

“We have learned a lot on the subject of digital feedback with SayWay med. The idea arose from digital feedback in other service areas with the clear advantage of immediate or faster action in the event of dissatisfaction. An important driving force was primarily that of moving responsibility for complaint processing from the central area of quality and medical risk management to the responsible areas, so that the contact persons can react immediately to the report and initiate improvement measures.”

Oliver Steidle | University clinic Essen | Head of the Quality Management and Clinical Risk Management Unit

“We are very pleased with the establishment of the electronic feedback system. We can now even better determine which processes can and must be improved for our patients and for our visitors. The foolproof operation of the feedback system also makes it easier and more attractive for our older patients and guests. A flexible dashboard makes a general but also a more precise overview of all feedbacks very easy.”

Julius Bylitza | Asklepios Clinic Hamburg | Quality and process management

“We decided to establish an electronic feedback system in addition to the existing paper-based continuous patient survey. During the planning and development phase, we received excellent support from the SayWay team. Through the features offered by SayWay, we have the possibility to evaluate the satisfaction of our patients individually and to react ad hoc to the feedback.”

Michael Wurm | AWO Altenhilfe GmbH | Elderly Care | Quality Management Staff Office

“Together with SayWay, we were able to define the necessary information materials, questions and processes. Today we can say that seniors, relatives and visitors to our senior centers use the feedback terminals very well. Compared to the old, paper-based feedback process, we were able to increase the number of feedbacks by 10 times.”

Sebastian van Elk | Hospitals and senior citizen facilities Wesel-Emmerich/Rees | Deputy Head of Organizational Development

“I am positively surprised by both the feedback numbers and the versatility of the evaluation options. The results provide us with a much better, more specific and larger data set than we have been able to compile so far. The total number of feedbacks exceeds our previous annual numbers by a factor of three!”


Regina Schönach | Meconex and Centramed | Specialist Integrated Care | Strategic Purchasing

“We are very satisfied with SayWay’s service and support. From the very beginning, they documented very well, introduced to the topic, sent sample examples and simply provided a lot of good input, which they have thanks to their great experience. The response time is very fast, the flexibility of the program is brilliant – within minutes names or questions can be adjusted. The equipment is also very appealing. And besides the great service also to Switzerland, the price is very fair. Both we and our patients can benefit a lot from SayWay.”

Dr. Christian Wiederer | Clinic am Kurpark Baden | Specialist for Physical Medicine & General Rehabilitation

“It is particularly important to our team to receive timely feedback from our patients so that we can react and make improvements as quickly as possible. A written feedback system is not only too slow for us, but also not meaningful enough in many cases. SayWay offers our guests the opportunity to immediately point out positive and also negative things, and gives us the opportunity to carry out improvement processes on an up-to-date and occasion-related basis.”

Axel Trompeter | Caritas Senior Citizens Center St. Raphael | Facility Management

“In the price-performance comparison with other suppliers, under special consideration of the operability and the menu system, SayWay strongly convinced us with its terminal. The final decision in favor of SayWay’s floor stand was ultimately made easy for us by the excellent support of the SayWay team. Since we used to collect paper-based feedback from our teams every two years, the round-the-clock satisfaction survey is an enormous asset for us – for collecting praise, but also for promptly directing any complaints. The volume of feedback is many times higher, and consequently so is the informative value of the always up-to-date feedback.”

Günter Brands | Günter Brands e.K. | Specialist Pharmacist for Offizin Pharmacy

“As a customer-oriented pharmacy, we are always trying to develop further. Our SayWay is a great help to us in this. Customer praise and criticism reach us in a simple way. Constructive criticism helps us to rethink our own actions and become better. And customer praise helps us to become more motivated again and to cope better with the demands of our work.”

Johannes Keuck | Caritas Association for the Diocese of Speyer | Facility Manager of the Caritas Center Neustadt

“SayWay continuously provides us with important information on the allocation of appointments and gives our customers the opportunity to share their impressions of the quality of advice directly with us. The appealing terminal invites people to vote, as the numerous feedbacks from our customers show. Setting up the survey and evaluating the results is easy to do, and contact with SayWay is customer-oriented, reliable and fast.”

Röntgenpraxis Am Marstall

Dr. Florian Elgeti | X-ray practice Am Marstall | Specialist for diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine

“With SayWay med, we have sharpened our focus on the essentials in our radiology practice. Patient and employee satisfaction thus always remain in focus!”

MedAix sayway med

Daniel Gier | MedAix | Managing Director

“In our physiotherapy practices and health-oriented training centers, people come first. Therefore, we place very high value on living a high-quality service as well as a customer-enthusiastic service culture. With SayWay’s feedback system, we have the opportunity to get timely feedback from our patients and customers in order to react and make improvements as quickly as possible. With ten locations now, SayWay also helps us compare and keep service high across all locations. We are happy about the very good ratings of our patients and customers – this motivates us to give our best every day.”

Mitschke sayway med

Ferdinand Mitschke | Mitschke Sanitätshaus GmbH | Medical supply store | Managing Director

“We use SayWay med to determine the satisfaction of our customers via the Net Promoter Score (NPS) at various customer contact points in our stores. We have been using SayWay med for several years and the surveys are very well received by our customers. This allows us to make our primary goal measurable: to permanently increase customer satisfaction. The cooperation with the SayWay med team is based on partnership. The team works with commitment, quickly and also offers solutions for individual questions.”