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The 360° all in one digital feedback solution

SayWay med advises you on creating the “perfect questionnaire” for your digital patient survey, resident and family survey or employee survey. Cost-effectively and without interfering with your IT infrastructure. We are industry leaders in healthcare with more than 20 years of experience.

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More feedback in real time

Save costs and time through digitalization

User friendly with one touch

Patient feedback with a touch

Independently of IT department

We find solutions for every budget

SayWay med hardware

The right solution

Feedback terminals need to be where patients use them – on the wall, on the table, at the bedside or as a mobile device in the hand. Rugged systems optimized for durability.

  • Patients provide feedback at the moment of experience – easily, quickly and anonymously
  • Guaranteed time savings
  • High feedback rate
  • Individual product solution to suit your needs
  • Currently, more than 12,000 SayWay med terminals are in use, in more than 40 countries.
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Smiley Feedback Terminal Auswertungssoftware

Survey and evaluation software

Daily feedback directly evaluated

With SayWay med survey software, you can easily implement your individual survey in the medical sector to fit your budget. Feedback from the terminals or online surveys is compiled fully automatically and processed in real time. Maximum flexibility – all conceivable question types, filtering, splitting questions and languages.

  • Feedback via all channels: Feedback terminal, or via link, e-mail and QR code
  • Digital complaint box in real time – don’t keep complaints in-house on social media
  • Changes are made remotely
  • Real-time feedback collection with 24/7
  • Customizable dashboards and automated reports
  • Personalized access control via individual role and rights system
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SayWay med Service

Benefit from 10 years of digital research in the medical field

We can help you choose the right system at the perfect location and provide professional service during setup.

  • Suitable feedback hardware at the right location
  • Carefree system setup: we set up the feedback software to fit your requirements
  • Worldwide remote maintenance: our professional service includes the smooth operation of all systems – technical service hotline included
  • Optimal fit for your business: all reporting, alerts and strategic tools are set up to maximum effect
  • Data analytics: our tools support you in the daily analysis of feedback data. Our experienced market research team will be happy to advise you
  • Consulting: Benefit from our know-how from over 20 industries
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Patienentenzufriedenheit SayWay med

Freqently asked questions / FAQs on all in one digital feedback solution

What is the advantage of a all in one feedback solution?

With a complete feedback solution, they receive hardware, software survey and an evaluation in real time from a single source. More than 20 years of digital research combined with medical expertise from over 1,000 projects have gone into optimizing the SayWay med feedback solution.


Why is digital patient feedback so important?

The opinion of your patients is decisive for the success of your clinic, practice or medical facility. Paper-based quality management is time-consuming, tedious and therefore expensive.Save 30% time and simply get more results with digital patient surveys. With SayWay med, medical organizations conduct all surveys digitally and simply make patients, staff and management more satisfied. Measure patient satisfaction in real time digitally on-site whether in the clinic, rehab, nursing area or practice.

How can I save money on digital patient survey implementation?

SayWay med’s digital all in one feedback solution is eligible for funding under the Hospital Futures Act. Using the contact request and other flexible question types, the SayWay system enables real and direct interaction between patients and the hospital. A proven automatic notification system and hospital information system (HIS) connections can be used. Digitize now with the SayWay med patient survey solution. You too can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the KHZG.

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