Digital employee surveys

Paper surveys are time-consuming and expensive. With digital employee surveys, you not only save time and money, but also get motivated and satisfied employees.

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Show your appreciation to employees


No intervention in the IT infrastructure necessary

The known problem

Time and cost consuming quality management

Paper-based quality management is time-consuming, tedious and therefore expensive. Valuable time is lost in the creation, printing, distribution and collection of paper questionnaires. The response rate is also poor. The evaluation of the results usually takes several weeks. Results are therefore not available in a timely manner. As a result, measures can only be derived with a significant time delay. It is not possible to react quickly to problems.

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Digitale Mitabrbeiterbefragung | Sayway med

Our solution

Digital employee surveys with SayWay med

With SayWay med, healthcare companies conduct all surveys digitally and simply make employees and management more satisfied. SayWay med surveys allow all conceivable question types, free text fields, splitting questions along the desired or legally specified criteria. Questionnaires are suitable for various displays and are designed according to your CI specifications. We offer a suitable solution for every location. Whether as a floor stand, space-saving wall and counter system, mobile tablet or online link – our systems are robust, water-repellent and optimized for durability.
The SayWay med evaluation platform provides a round-the-clock view of the collected data and prepares it graphically – simply, efficiently, in real time. Evaluations can be individually configured. Access can be personalized via a role and rights system.

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Your results

30% time savings and simply more results

Simply more results with digital employee surveys.
Eliminate the time-consuming creation, distribution, and analysis of paper surveys. Providing feedback is simple, fast and intuitive. Results from more feedback are available immediately. Measures can be derived and implemented directly.

Always have your finger on the pulse of your employees. With SayWay med, you survey in different contexts at different locations at the moment of experience. Collect feedback on the spot, not on social media. With SayWay med, you permanently establish the employee perspective in your company. Cost-effectively reach your employees in the “moments of truth” where you receive sincere, concrete feedback. You send a clear signal of appreciation to your employees. Motivate through praise and recognition you get satisfied employees.
Secure an edge over competitors through employee centricity.

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Your advantages

The solution for digital employee surveys

Here’s what you get:

  • Up to 30% time savings
  • More results
  • Immediate data evaluation
  • Signal of appreciation to employees
  • More satisfied and therefore more productive employees
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Frequently asked questions / FAQs on digital employee surveys

What are the benefits of digital employee surveys?

Simply get more results with digital employee surveys. Paper-based quality management is time-consuming, tedious and therefore expensive.
Motivated and satisfied employees are productive employees
Get to know your staff and their needs

For company management, employee surveys and feedback processes on employee satisfaction are important tools for gathering information on the professional and emotional satisfaction of employees and deriving appropriate measures. Measure employee satisfaction digitally on site in real time, whether in the clinic, in rehab, in the nursing area or in the practice.

Why is the employee survey important?

Motivated and satisfied employees are productive employees. The opinions of your employees are crucial to the success of your medical facility. Motivated employees save money and nerves. But only by knowing your staff and their needs can you take the right steps to increase satisfaction.Survey employees digitally in real time. Save time and money by eliminating paper surveys.

Does the IT infrastructure need to be adapted in order to survey employees digitally?

No intervention in the IT infrastructure is required to use the digital employee survey with SayWay med. SayWay med terminals are permanently connected to the Internet (via WLAN or 4G). Data transmission is automatic and immediate – a prerequisite for being able to respond promptly to feedback.

The SayWay med referring physician and referral systems are operated exclusively in TÜV and ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany. The SayWay med offering is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation.