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How does SayWay work

Step 1: Software Setup

Our flexible questionnaire software enables us to create a questionnaire tailor-made to your needs. An experienced team of consultants can advise you on online and market research. Whether you are looking for a standard questionnaire or an customized concept for a company feedback project, we can find the right solution for your on-site customer survey.


Step 2: The hardware

Your questionnaire will be installed on one of our robust B2B tablets that have been specifically configured for SayWay. Depending on the space available at the survey location, the tablet can be set up on a floor stand, on a table or bar or fixed to the wall.


Step 3: Unpack it and off you go

The system is delivered in the SayWay Box all ready to go. You just have to unpack it and plug it in. The system starts up automatically and can start recording feedback from your customers, patients, guests or members immediately.

befragungsgerät verpackung

Step 4: Day to day operation

The ratings from your customer surveys are automatically transferred to the SayWay server via 3G or Wi-Fi. All important data can be called up on the clear online analysis – on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The SayWay online reporting allows comparisons of our sites, industries benchmarks, automatic text analysis, direct alert to management and the regular dispatch flexibly configurable PDF exports.



Results in real time
Lots of different types of questions
Branch comparisons
Kundenzufriedenheit TrendbarometerA trend barometer gives a quick overview
Kundenzufriedenheit BenchmarkAnalysis based on new and existing customers
sayway_features_icons-dataexportFlexible data export
sayway_features_icons-wlanWiFi or 3G data transmission
sayway_features_icons-monitoringCentral monitoring of all systems
sayway_features_icons-fernupdateRemote-controlled change of questionnaire
sayway_features_icons-alertfunktionManagement alert function
sayway_features_icons-branchenSector comparisons / benchmark
sayway_features_icons-alertfunktionScanning of customer cards, coupons and QR codes
sayway_features_icons-alertfunktionAutomatic text analysis

Business sectors

HäkchenWholesale and retail
HäkchenHotel and restaurant trade
HäkchenDoctors and hospitals
HäkchenBanks and insurance companies
HäkchenTowns and local authorities
HäkchenAmusement parks and zoos
HäkchenHealth insurance funds
HäkchenLocal and long-distance transport
HäkchenEmployee feedback