1. See your company from the customer’s point of view!

SayWay provides you with information continuously and systematically so that you can keep a check on all your key performance areas. In a tablet-based SayWay survey your customers do not only point out important issues but also share their ideas with you. SayWay surveys offer a new way of permanently optimising your services and products on the basis of customer expectations. SayWay helps you to keep focussed on your customers which in turn increases customer loyalty and satisfaction and has a positive impact on new business through recommendations.

2. Feedback at the right time, in the right place and with the right system!

Using the tablet for short customer surveys is really easy and fun. Customer feedback is integrated elegantly and smoothly into routine procedures and is given at the point of experience – at the moment of truth: With the restaurant bill, when checking out of the hotel, in the doctor’s waiting room or at the till. Your SayWay system collects truthful and detailed real time ratings and enjoys very high customer acceptance.

3. A complete and easy system with no hurdles: Unpack, switch it on and away you go!

A complete hardware and software package: Elegant tablet PCs for mobile or stationary use. The questionnaires are started automatically on the SayWay tablet. All data are transferred automatically to a secure server and are immediately available in the online reporting system. Customers can take part in the customer satisfaction survey directly and do not have to use their own smartphones, install apps or scan codes.

4. Asking the right questions is the key!

In a nutshell: Customer surveys specially prepared for your sector by experts. All the main areas of business are systematically rated from the customer’s point of view. Alongside basic questions about the most important services, we can also measure the likelihood of recommendation using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). In open-ended questions customers have to chance to say what they particularly liked and what could be improved. On request, we will adapt the questionnaire to suit your special needs.

5. A signal to the customers: “Your opinion is important to us”

Using SayWay shows your customers immediately that you want to keep in touch with them and that you value their opinion. Digital customer surveys directly on the premises can consequently help to increase customer loyalty. SayWay is so easy, anonymous and unobtrusive that even those customers who frequently do not express any opinion for a variety of reasons can have their say.

6. Online real time reporting Your company from the customer’s point of view

SayWay offers real time reporting technology for your customer survey. You have secure access to the feedback results via the browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. All the data is summarised in a clearly arranged cockpit. Individual evaluation periods, analyses of the answers to open-ended questions, split-half techniques are just some of the possibilities available.

7. Transparency in large chains and branch systems

SayWay has proven very successful for companies who have a lot of branches. A traffic light system informs the company early on of any deviations from the internal company benchmarks. Detailed analyses can be made for the entire company and at divisional or branch level. An authorization and role management system enables you to control the level and scope of access to the survey results.

8. Staff motivation

SayWay isn’t a way of checking up on your staff. The system is designed to establish strengths and weaknesses jointly in a team. Practice shows quite clearly how continual customer surveys using the SayWay system can increase your team’s sensitivity for the customer’s point of view. The reports can be used in team meetings and serve to motivate and unite the team members.

9. Digital infrastructure for customer interaction at your branches

For chain store companies, using SayWay at all the branches is a great way of interacting with customers digitally at the point of experience. You can even change the contents on SayWay tablets via remote control from the server, either at selected branches or throughout entire divisions. Apart from tracking customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis the flexible system can also be used to conduct customer surveys on specific topics. Sayway can also be used for marketing campaigns, for example by collecting e-mail addresses.

SayWay is a modern and economical alternative to:

  • … antiquated, cumbersome and error-prone surveys on paper or postcards.
  • … constantly declining return rates to online, e-mail or phone surveys which are often seen as a nuisance.
  • … dubious and unsystematic ratings and commentaries in the Internet.
  • … complicated survey methods where customers have to use their own devices and special software.
  • … Customer surveys that take place long after the actual experience so that important details may have been forgotten.